Our vision is a future in which healthy relationships are actively promoted as the heart of a thriving society.

Our services

Our services include relationship counsellingfamily counsellingmediationchildren’s counsellingyoung people’s counselling and sex therapy. We also provide friendly and informal workshops for people at important stages in their relationships. We’re here to help you make the most of your couple and family relationships, past, present or future.

Our values

We need to guarantee our future by setting a clear ambition, and working together to deliver against that ambition. These are the values we work towards on a daily basis.

Relationships – For the beauty, joy and learning they can bring to all. We value the personal courage needed to forge and sustain lasting relationships. We value the quality of relationships and we are non judgemental – supporting people to build healthy relationships, whatever the circumstances.

People – People are at the heart of everything we do. We create and deliver services around clients and potential clients’ needs. We value our people (volunteers, staff and supporters).

Inclusion – We work to reach out, and to extend our services and transcend barriers that people may face. We do this to ensure that people who might need or want our services can access them. We actively promote equal opportunities and diversity in all that we do.

Partnership – Together we are stronger, more effective and can make a bigger difference. We seek to influence and collaborate with others to achieve our vision.

Learning – We seek to reflect, review, research and evaluate practice to continuously learn and improve understanding about relationship support.

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We are here for you, so feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you.

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    – From Schools

    “Superb. The services understands our needs and works hard to provide for us – fitting into our schedule where and when possible – lovely people”

    – From Parents & Carers

    “I would like to thank all involved for us being able to access this funded service has transformed our family life!”

    – From parents & carers

    “This service has literally changed our family life. I can’t thank the counsellor enough for the difference she has made to our family 🙂 Thank you!”

    – Attended Children & Young People’s Counselling

    “It helped me because it got me off worrying and I could sleep well and get things off my mind easily.”

    – Attended Children & Young People’s Counselling

    “It has helped me with my anger my problems such as self-harming and when people bully me.”

    – Attended Children & Young People’s Counselling

    “Before I came I couldn’t talk to anyone but I knew that I could say what I wanted now I can talk to people more.”

    – Attended Young People’s counselling

    “I feel like these sessions have helped my mental health a lot and I’m happier”

    – Attended Relationship Counselling

    “Helpful – not what I expected but really made a difference.”

    – Attended a workshop

    “Thank you for this positive experience which has enabled me to move on. Will miss the sessions, wish these could have continued to help me remain positive.”

    – Attended a workshop

    “This has put me back on my life’s path. I am so much stronger and positive to moving on. Everyone was so open about their lives which helped me”

    – Attended relationship counselling

    I found Relate very understanding, knowledgeable and welcoming. Also very pleased we were able to get an appointment so quickly which is very important when in a crisis.

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