Time For You – Counselling Service for Schools

Time For You – Counselling Service for Schools

Relate Coventry

Relate is one of the largest providers of counselling and support services for children and young people, with more than 20 year’s experience.

Nationally we provide services in more than 600 schools and help over 15,000 children and young people a year.

We provide services in primary, secondary and SEN schools.

We work primarily with clients at the preventative end of the mental health spectrum ( CAMHS Tiers 1 and 2)

By operating early intervention services in schools, Relate helps to prevent young people with mild to moderate mental health difficulties from developing more acute mental health difficulties that would require Tier 3 and 4 services.

At the heart of our Time For You children and young people’s service is one-to-one counselling support for those affected by issues such as family breakdown, bullying and peer relationships, bereavement, step-families or the absence of a family member in their life.

A study of school based counselling found that 90% of teachers said that it made a positive difference to students.

The opportunity to talk to a trusted, professional counsellor has a positive impact on children and young people. It can help increase their self esteem and confidence, enable them to communicate better with their peers, teachers and families, and increase their ability to focus and engage with learning.

We collect data to demonstrate the effectiveness of our work and can produce individual, tailored reports for your school.

All of our counsellors work within a clinical framework of ongoing supervision and continuous professional development to ensure the highest professional standards.

What Coventry and Warwickshire schools tell us

“Each child who has attended sessions has been emotionally better as a result and has been able to engage in school life, their achievements have also benefitted.”

“The children are much calmer and are more able to cope with day-to-day demands. It has also increased their self awareness and self-esteem.”

“ Our students have confidence in a bespoke system which they know wont fail them. They feel in control of their referrals and take a mature attitude towards the help available to them”

For more information about how the Time For You service can support your school please contact us today on 024 7622 5863.

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